Finally, Home Ownership Made Easy

Are you in the market to BUY a home, but worried about the hassles of  financing?
Are you looking for easy owner financing?
Do you have Credit Problems?
Have you been turned down for financing elsewhere?
Are you lacking down payment?
Have you filed bankruptcy?
Are you self employed?

Millions of honest, hard working, North Americans lack the near perfect credit that banks and mortgage companies require to buy a home!

Late payments, repossessions, divorce, medical bills, unstable work history, lack of a huge cash down payment, too much debt, judgments and bankruptcy can all spell rejection when you try to buy a home.

Our primary aim is to make the process of owning a home SIMPLE. By eliminating the need for banks and lending institutions, we have made it possible for ANYONE to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner.

As a future homeowner, all you need is a steady job, a nominal down payment (we may even be able to help with the down payment), and sufficient income to afford your home, WE WILL DO THE REST!

We wanted to buy a home, but because of a job lay-off and credit problems we ended up in bankruptcy.  Although we had worked very hard to repay our debts, no one wanted to take a chance with us.  We had almost given up hope when you came into our lives.  We sat together and discussed the situation and you worked with us until it was possible for us to become home owners.

You gave us a chance when no one else would.  My family will always be grateful for the work that you do.

God Bless,
M. & Y. Dupree
Atlanta, Georgia

Within this site you will find properties that are owned by individual investors or investment companies from across North America who all offer flexible owner financing with very attractive terms such as lease-purchase, contract for deed etc., and it is very easy to qualify for these financing programs.

We never thought we could buy a home so easily.  You really do perform miracles.  Thank you so much for helping us.

God Bless,
M. Mahurin
Rogers, Arkansas

If you would like to know about our new properties as soon as they become available, and before they are advertised to the general public, we would be happy to add you to our e-mail notification list. You tell us what kind of home you are looking for, and we will instantly e-mail you as soon as a home matching your criteria becomes available.

Although some of our investors are real estate agents, these properties are offered by owner and there is NO FEE and NO COMMISSIONS.

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